City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


By Bill Dunlop - Posted on 04 August 2008

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Teatr K3
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Marta Rau, Slawa Tarkowska and Ewa Mojsa

An hour watching three non-speaking actors manipulate some eight simple marionettes to an energetic score may not push every fringe goers button; the physical theatre of Etcetera from K3, however, has to be one of the most exciting and powerful pieces of theatre around this Fringe.

Drawing on Poland's great tradition of avant-garde experimentalism, K3 give as
comprehensive a critique of late-capitalism's one-dimensional existence as is
likely to be found outside the work of the late Herbert Marcuse. This is theory
very much in action, however, as the energetic and talented cast pump up the
volume of their work, demonstrating the casual cruelties daily inflicted on us,
the unsuspecting.

It feels almost presumptuous, as well as in a sense irrelevant
to attempt description of Etcetera, which is very much a production to be
experienced rather than glibly described. This is high-octane, high quality work
which requires no puff or plaudit - in the ephemeral space in which theatrical
excellence exists it does simply that, in no way asking to be seen but
nonetheless demanding that we do so. It's rare, in the high-pressure,
high-selling environment which the largest production Trade Show in the world
has become, to encounter honest craftspersons, faithful to the spirit of their
calling. This is one such encounter well worth experiencing.

Time: August 1-24, 13.10
Copyright Bill Dunlop August 2008.
Published on August 2008