City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 11 August 2008

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C soco
4TUNE Theatre Company
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Sam Walls (director), Geoff Burnhill (musical director), Chris O'Quinn (producer), Joe DiPietro (book and lyrics), Jimmy Roberts (music)
Kate Scott, Iain Marsh, Franki Burke, Gethin Jones, Iain Marsh, and Chris O'Quinn standing in for Leo Miles

The audience loved it, they were close to perfect - DON'T CHANGE!

Despite an enforced change of cast due to a family emergency, 4TUNE favoured the brave, and it was hard to determine at first who was the understudy in this excellent production. This is one of three versions on the Fringe this year, and you can understand why.

This is a witty and recognisable trip theough the mating decades, dealing with the agonies, ecstasies, and dilemmas of one aspect of life that never fails to intrigue. The show takes you through dating, waiting, and mating before moving on to the trials and tribulations of marriage, the in-laws, the kids, empty nesting, and finally the pick-up techniques of the "still game" seniors.

The quality of the writing of script and lyrics is matched every step by this inventive young cast. It is hard to push any one member ahead of the others, but Franki Burke played all ages culminating in the poignancy of the older woman being picked up at a funeral. Iain Marsh's facial contortions and ability to change character was also a joy. Kate Scott does feisty and cheesed off to devasting effect, and the various first men all looked at ease with their lines and songs.

Tension or the consequencies of rehearsing late into the night showed on the faces of the very able three-piece band, but they can relax - this production was well worth the climb to the top of this venue!

This production played to a full house until a parent appeared to decide that the material was maybe not suitable for a pre-teen, and this may be a consideration for families looking for a show. Personally, I was disappointed when the show reached the seniors stage as it meant it was coming to an end.

Times: Aug 10-25 at 19:15