City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

The Battle of Pots and Pans

By Barbara Bryan - Posted on 08 August 2008

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Prestongrange Arts Productions
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Andrew Dallmeyer (director), Andrew Dallmeyer (writer)
Andrew Dallmeyer (narrator), Coreen Scott (singer), and members of Laverock band

The Battle of Pots and Pans is based on a battle that took place in l745 in the southeastern Scottish town of Prestonpans. It heralded the optimistic start of the Jacobite rebellion in which Bonnie Prince Charlie's Catholic Jacobite army defeated King George II's Hanoverian Redcoat troops.

Sectarianism has always been a part of Scottish culture and Andrew Dallmeyer, the writer of this amusing theatrical event, starts the show off with what appears to be a spontaneous unrehearsed sparring between a Celtic and Rangers fan, emphasising how antagonistic religious beliefs still persist in the country. Gradually, though, with an enthusiastic cast of all ages, we are transported to this historical moment in Scottish history where both armies were apprehensive of the ensuing battle.

Dallmeyer creates an engaging pace with his eloquent prose, narrated in the Scots tongue and when the battle begins it is indeed fought with pots and pans. Music is an integral part of the show and the traditional Scots songs are sung beautifully by Coreen Scott, accompanied by Laverock. The Fringe is an international event and it is good to be entertained by a topic that is truly Scottish, a reminder of our cultural roots.

Times: Aug 4-10, 19:30