City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Burton Review

By Alex Eades - Posted on 25 August 2009

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Venue 13
Miles Productions
Running time: 
Hugh Thomas (director), Gwynne Edwards (writer)
Rhodri Miles (Richard Burton)

The Welsh get a hard time, I think. Generally looked at as quite a silly little race with a funny accent and a language that requires you to remove your tongue and put it up your nose if you want to grapple any of its words.

For a nation that has around half the population of Scotland, they've produced quite a lot. Oscar winners (Anthony Hopkins & Catherine Zeta Jones), singers (Tom Jones & Shirley Bassey), bands (Stereophonics & Manic Street Preachers), poets (Dylan Thomas) and for the smallest population in the rugby six nations they do pretty darn well.

I could go on, but this show is about one particular Welsh great: Richard Burton.

This one man show has the actor talk about his life from humble beginnings in Wales to his superstardom in Hollywood. His struggle with drink, women and the movie business.

I have to confess that I didn't know that much about Richard Burton going into this show, but I came out intrigued by the man.

The performance by the lead is fantastic. He talks as he drinks endless glasses of gin like a fine storyteller in a local pub. The whole audience was in the palm of his hands from beginning to end and, though we had no alcohol, our insides were warmed by his deep, soft Welsh accent. The language and the humour are all typically Welsh as is the beautiful gift of storytelling, shown here in this wonderful show.

Know him or not. Love him or loathe him, this is a fascinating, warm and funny show that will leave you with a big, fat smile on your face. Da iawn!

Times: til 30 August, 7.15pm