City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Cocorico Review

By Irene Brown - Posted on 16 August 2009

Fringe 2009: Cocorico
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Freemasons Hall
Productions Illimitées (France)
Running time: 
Michèle Guigon, Susy Firth and Patrice Thibaud (director), Marie Vincent (lights), Philippe Leygnac (music), Isabell Beaudouin (costumes)
Patrice Thibaud and Philippe Leygnac

When a show starts off with peals of uproarious laughter, where can it go from there? Well, in the case of the two man French comic mime show,Cocorico, it set the standard for the remaining 74 minutes.

Running for just 60 minutes may have sufficed, but the audience was surprised, charmed, delighted and intrigued by the timing and the miming of Patrice Thibaud and his partner, contortionist musician, Philippe Leygnac throughout. Their boundless
invention at showing human dynamics and interaction through keenly observed and beautifully interpreted body language was hugely absorbing.

They go through a gamut of the rejected lover to cowboy to de Gaulle to a full brass band to James Bond to clown, to name only a fraction of what was on offer.

It is all done seamlessly, with Thibaud morphing skilfully from one to the other. Their imagination created the show, but their skill allows the audience to use their own imagination in Thibaud’s words ‘ complete the proposition...’

This show is a delightful blend of adult and childhood; playfulness and thoughtfulness. Their versatility is also shown in their clever shadow shows that intersperse the act.

A visual treat of mime, mockery and music that transcends language with sophisticated innocence.


August 14-15,
21-22,28-30 at 21.30 £12 (£10)

August 16,18-20,23-27
at 21.30 £11 (£9)