City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Don't Forget To Breathe Review

By Kenneth Scott - Posted on 12 August 2009

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C soco
Clear Sky Theatre
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Paul Booth (writer / co-director), Alasdair Tose (co-director / technician).
Paul Booth (Charlie), Claire Reid (Saz)

I was once in a bar and I met a woman who seemed to be able to look right inside me and tell me what was right and wrong with my life.  It kind of spooked me - but I was very drunk at the time.

At Saffron Bridge railway station a completely sober Charles has just missed his train and is about to have a similar experience. Enter Saz, a (self-proclaimed) striking blonde who at first seems merely forward, but is soon teasing the buttoned-up and somewhat terrified "Charlie" to reveal more about his life.

Under his rather mundane existence there are greater depths and sorrows and the cute but annoying Saz seems determined to have him face up to what is in his heart. Can a stranger change you life?

This is an engaging production with relaxed and natural performances - part "It's a Wonderful Life" and part therapy.  It's not groundbreaking, but it is entertaining and warm like a good matinee movie.

And my woman in the bar?  Well, I ignored her particular advice - but I did change my life.

Times: 5-22 August, 11.25am