City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 17 August 2009

Show details
St Mark's Church
Silvery Moon Productions
Running time: 
Jessica Warshaw (stage manager)
Lynn Radnedge (Ivy/Lynn), Tricia Dibb ( Renee/ Tricia), Paul sadler (pianist/soloist)

This production turned out to be a two-hander with occasional solos from the pianist. The  main  female parts were shared between the writer Lynn Radnedge and Tricia Dibb. The story was drawn from the first hand accounts of World War 2 exploits of paratrooper Reg Brownhill and the aftermath of the victory in Europe.

The show is a musical journey with the wartime greatest hits being sung with some gusto by the cast. However the audience of mainly older people were reluctant to join in some of the singsong and while amused at having shared recollections, the cast seemed to fail to establish the relationship that would have helped this show.

Tricia had some of the most stirring songs and put them over well but there was no production to comment on. When Lynn and Trica did 'Underneath the Arches', it was crying out for them to mimic the Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen walk. The production had no sound effects and the use of the lecterns to keep the players on track gave the delivery the feel of a family history lecture.

Individually, the singers had their moments, but if they tried to impersonate Anne/Jo Shelton or Marlene Dietrich then unfortunately it did not work for me.

Some of the best wartime songs were sung in harmony and occasionally the two voices were not at one.

As a show, I regret to say that it would be good entertainment in a day centre, but as a fringe production it fell short of being a 'Blitz' or anything similar.

However, if you remember the war then this may be your "cup of tea".

Times: until 28 August, 2.30pm