City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Over the Threshold Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 07 August 2009

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Jomo Productions in association with Perfect Pitch
Running time: 
John Brant (director), Christopher Hamilton (writer and musical director)
Kate (Helen French), Tom (Kieran Brown), Sam (Madalena Alberto), Charlie (Trevor Jary)

Skip, walk, or even crawl "Over the threshold" at the portacabin behind George Square Theatre that is George 2 to see a show that just oozes professionalism.

Despite the setting, and the fact that Edinburgh was basking in late afternoon sunshine, this was a musical theatre treat not to be missed.

Writer and musical director Christopher Hamilton and director John Brant have exacted every nuance of this classic story of marital relationships. Each actor in this four-hander is perfectly cast from the feisty Geordie that is Kate (Helen French) to her laconic Scottish boyfriend, from the out-of-work actor Tom (Kieran Brown) to the philosophical neighbour Sam (Madalena Alberto) and Charlie (Trevor Jary) who is the other man.

The story centres on the events of one evening when a relationship hits a crisis and the events unfold thereafter. Although set in London, you can almost envisage it taking place in one of the tenement buildings on the other side of the Meadows.

The music and lyrics carry the story really well and while the score may lack memorable tunes, it is very easy on the ear.

The actors are experienced in musical theatre and live up to the company name of "perfect pitch," with Trevor Jary, in particular, having some tricky opening notes to hit.

The set is minimal, the props few, the costume changes limited, the venue is small, and the cast is in your face. But it works.

It is not suitable for children, but the adult audience received it with whoops of

6-31 Aug 5.30pm
20-21 Aug 12.15pm