City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Safe In Numbers Review

By Alex Eades - Posted on 22 August 2009

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Yellow Hammer Productions
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There are some things that should never have found their way onto this good green earth.

Katie Price, Kaiser Chiefs, the BNP, coleslaw...I could go on. I won't bore you with details, but I will add a brand new one for you. The king of this kingdom. Ladies and gentlemen, bow your heads as I introduce to you the most fantastically stupid... Safe In Numbers.

"Oh my God! I couldn't stop laughing!"

"That was so bad!"

"What the **** was that?"

These are genuine quotes that I caught as I and everyone else scarpered from what has to be the worst production I have ever seen on the Fringe. Ever seen in my life. And I have seen a few stinkers in my time.

Never have I watched an entire show threw my fingers in complete embarrassment for everyone involved. Never have I seen so many people walk out of a single show. Never has a single hour lasted so long.

Readers, this is the worst at its worst.

A gentleman with emotional hair comes to terms with the fact that he is actually gay and does not want to marry his stereotypically idiotic wife, much to the annoyance of his manly stereotypically brutish father. He goes to the army as his father instructs and is later framed, along with his "lover", for conspiring with the enemy. Oh, and there's ballet, singing and even more stereotypes.

Sometimes there is no point in going into specifics because there is simply no time and nothing to gain from knowing.

The subject caught my attention. A homosexual in the army. How are they treated? Does it make any difference on the battlefield? A valid subject that should be interesting.

It wasn't.

Straight or homosexual, this is an embarrassment to everyone.

Please do not waste your time.

Times: ends 22 August