City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

The Bubble Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 18 August 2009

Fringe 2009: The Bubble
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C Venues - C
Shrewsbury and Severn Opera
Running time: 
Peter Fanning (director), Dimitri Portier (asst. director), Sara Hankin (choreography), Julian Roach & Peter Hankin (book & lyrics), John Moore (music)

As John Barrowman might say "Stupendous, Stupendous, Stupendous!". From the opening
number "London", the company attack their big numbers with verve. This is a production worthy of
the name, with the entire cast performing to a very high standard supported by an
excellent band. Director Peter Fanning and choreographer Sara Hankin can take credit for presenting a show that surpasses some of this year’s offerings
from professional casts.

Set in 1720 and starting at 17.20hrs, this is an older
tale about a very topical issue - the City of London and dealers in stocks and shares. This
is a reprise of the company’s success at the 2002 Fringe and with some updates
in the script you can see how they could not resist bringing it back. The story
is based on the selling of shares in the South Sea Company and how fortunes are
made on paper until the Bubble bursts.

Throw in
some theatre types who are patronised by the rich, some love interest and you
have a musical that works.

The characterisations are well made throughout the
cast and it would be unfair to pick out anyone. The Doxies and the Jobber Rats
form the chorus, but the slick movement and singing are really tremendous.

are several very good numbers in this show which build to endings that would
grace a finale. Some of the quieter numbers are not as melodic as other shows
but that cannot detract from a great show by an excellent young cast.

Times: until aug 22nd, 5.20pm