Celebrity Autobiography Review

Submitted by JD Stewart on Sun, 22 Aug '10 8.12pm
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Created by Eugene Pack
Eugene Pack & Dayle Reyfel (Creators)
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It is one of the cheapest, cruellest and easiest ways to mock the current fascination that the world has with celebrities. Group together people and read from their autobiographies. It sounds random but, as we were told multiple times over 60 minutes, "It’s all in their words and nobody else’s." In a way, this makes what you hear that little bit more ridiculous.

Created by Eugene Pack and Dayle Reyfel (they have read over 300 celeb autobiographies) and with a changing cast each evening – there really is something for everyone.

From sex tips from Tommy Lee, the real name of Destiny’s Child superstar Michelle Williams to how much Tiger Woods loves to "putt."

The draw for me to this show was that it currently stars Michael Urie (flamboyant assistant to ice-queen Wilhelmina in the soon to be over Ugly Betty).

Dressed in jeans, cheque shirt and t-shirt – a far cry from the over the top threads worn on Betty – Urie surprised me with us undeniable skill for facial humour and his nothing less than hilarious reading of sex tips from Motley Crue Rocker: Tommy Lee.

A mention also needs to be made by the supporting readers who in this case, all have shows in the 2010 Fringe. Bridget Christie, Tiffany Stevenson and James Lance gave their all with the words of others for one night, tearing the house down with cackles of laughter from the eager crowd who just seemed to want more.

My personal highlight was co-creator reading from the Tiger Woods’ How I Play Golf. His comic timing impeccable and shedding a new light on Woods’ love of putting.

Celebrity Autobiography is not a complicated show but it is extremely well thought out, taking the words that these celebrities have said and finding a new way to poke fun at them. Those of a nervous disposition be aware…Katie Price’s tips on shaving are enough to make anyone question how she ever became something, let alone anything.

See this with friends, then head down to your nearest book shop to dive deeper – you will never read an autobiography in the same way again.

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Till 30 Aug, 7.25pm

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