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Avalon Promotions Ltd.
Chris Addison
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With his vast reserves of energy seemingly unaffected by a recent foot injury, Chris Addison practically explodes onto stage with his new show. Having almost audibly split the audience’s sides from the very first jokes about the hilarious circumstances of his injury, he immediately has the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Addison strides the stage with supreme confidence, lecturing on the subjects of British society, the media and self-improvement, his whole body rising and falling with his voice. This very physical act, hardly impaired by his injury, coupled with some brilliantly observed material, demonstrating a razor-sharp comic mind, makes for a charismatic and utterly engaging performer.

His jokes about the British mindset, our perverse enjoyment of being grumpy and getting worked up about the pettiest things, including the literally hysterical reaction in England to the snow during last winter.

At 38, the freakishly young-looking Addison’s energy carries the show along at breakneck speed, and the audience are taken on the comedic ride of their lives. If you can get tickets to this show, do so; you won’t be disappointed.

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19-30 August, 8.25pm

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£17.50 (£14)