Accelerate - A Triple Bill Review

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Pure Dance
Laura Kelly (choreographer), Laura Warriner (choreographer), Abi Mortimer (director and choreographer of Explain Yourself)
Laura Kelly, Laura Warriner, Alice Vale Sarah Bearne (dancers)
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This is the second appearance at the Fringe by the Bournemouth based company, Pure Dance that was founded in 2006, and their latest show, Accelerate - A Triple Bill, is being premiered this year at C SOCO Studio 1. The four energetic young dancers managed to look cool and stayed perfectly coiffed in the heat of the cramped and stifling space that seemed to offer poor views to most of the audience apart from those on the very front rows.

The first piece, Empty Shadows, was dealing with loss and ways of grieving. Dressed in striped shirts and shorts and in perfect timing to the music, the four dancers showed strength, vulnerability, despair, struggle, bewilderment and support in this very well co-ordinated and feminine performance.

In Explain Yourself, two dancers performed in sleeveless tops and wide trousers. They interpret the conflict that comes about when the rules of dance, which are generally followed, are disagreed upon. They show lively, challenging and sometimes fierce rivalry as they take control, stopping the dance at will. My 3 ½ year old companion concluded, “The two girls were fighting a wee bit, I thought.” No bad!

The final piece that gave the show its title Accelerate was ‘created to entertain’. With all four young dancers back on the stage in black dance gear, they gave a fast, vigorous, energetic and vital performance. This is a promising, committed and talented group of young women but they need an extra wow in the act and a better venue to really stand out. They deserve it.

Show times
6-30 August (not 16), 4.35pm

Ticket prices
£8.50- £10.50 (concessions £7.50-£9.50, children £5.50-£7.50)