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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Adam Hills Mess Around Review

By Gabriel Neil - Posted on 19 August 2010

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Assembly Hall
Off the Kerb Productions
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Adam Hills

Adam Hills’ new stand-up show is just about the most immersive comedic experience ever seen. The idea behind “Mess Around” is that, we, as a society, care far too much about the lives of celebrities, and that to Hills, it is ordinary people who are the most fascinating. Therefore, his new show is based entirely around interacting with the audience themselves.

The charm and sheer comic talent of Hills can pull gold out of the most reticent of people. Even this humble reviewer was not able to avoid the attentions of the effervescent Hills. Due to my being slightly late to the performance, he set upon me (stealing my notepad and pen!) and wrote the review for me. The following is a direct example of the kind of audience involvement Hills brings to his show...

After having asked an audience member from the upmarket Eastern Suburb area of Sydney what they thought of the show. He wrote:

“Adam Hills’ show was truly magnificent according to Belinda the snob.”

Then, upon asking another member what “the rest thought”:

“The rest of the audience thought it was dithering.”

This received disapproval from the rest, so:

“Well, not all the audience, just Sharrron[sic] from Fife.”

Hills then asked another audience member how many stars he would give the show, he answered “six”, leading to the following being scrawled on my pad:

“Six stars from Richard, the well-hung man.”

There really isn’t much more to say.

19-22, 24-29 August, 7pm

£12-£14 (£11-£13)