Akiko Okamoto Piano Recital Review

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Piano music by Schubert-Liszt, Beethoven, Debussy and Prokofiev.
Akiko Okamoto (piano)
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Liszt’s transcriptions of three Schubert songs on the Yamaha piano started the recital by Akiko Okamoto. She went on the play the famous Beethoven Appassitonta which extraordinary zeal and to much applause.

Back on stage we heard her play 5 pieces from Debussy’s Préludes Book 1 and finished with Prokofiev’s Sonata No 7, sometimes called Stalingrad. The substantial audience was delighted and for a encore we heard Chopin’s Etude Opus 10, No 3.

Born and trained on the piano in Japan Akiko Okamoto has studied and competed abroad, winning First Prize at the International Competition in Padua, Italy. She now concentrates as a soloist and chamber musician in Japan, Scotland, Holland, Austria and Germany.

She certainly gave us a very special lunchtime recital.

Event: 10 August, 12.30pm