City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Ardal O'Hanlon Review

By Gabriel Neil - Posted on 17 August 2010

Ardal O'Hanlon
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Assembly Rooms
Mick Perrin for JFLL and Dawn Sedgwick Management
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Ardal O'Hanlon

Anyone who walks into the grand, imposing halls of the Assembly Rooms might wonder if the performance to follow will be able to match the impressive surroundings. Anyone who goes along to Ardal O’Hanlon’s show need not worry, as they are in for a master-class in stand-up comedy.

With his incredible comic instinct, O’Hanlon makes his audiences roar with laughter on such divergent subjects as the nature of being Irish, God, happiness, communication in relationships, and a particularly superb rant about "charity gifts".

The audience can expect to be in stitches, witnessing a master of his craft upon the very stripped down backstage setup, with a talent for accents which one might not necessarily expect from him. He expounds on the dark and hopeless nature of Irish folk tales with faultless wit.

This is quite simply an hour of top quality, any weak points being barely noticeable, as O’Hanlon takes us through a wonderful expression of the confusion and frustrations of middle age. The true mesmerising talent of this man must only be seen to be believed.

Show Times
Til 22 August, 7.25pm

Ticket Prices
£14-£15 (£13-£14)