City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edges Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 12 August 2010

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C soco
In Short productions
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David Ridley & Rosie Banham (Directors)
Emily Carewe-Jeffries,Phoebe Fildes,Adam Fletcher,Andrew Hughes,Jamie Noar and juliet Turner

As the publicity people might say, "If you liked Friends, then you'll probably like Edges," a musical with a cast of six, singing about relationships, coming of age, and life in general.

Whether in solos, duets or ensemble, this cast deliver cracking songs from the opening ‘Become’ to one of the best solos of the show ‘I gotta run’ sung with great feeling by Phoebe Fides.

'Sisterhood'  featuring the other two  female singers Emily Carewe-Jeffries and Juliet Turner is not only funny, but poignant at the same time.

The guys, Adam Fletcher, Jamie Noar and Andrew Hughes, all have good voices whether in solo thoughtful numbers as well as some lads' "bonding" songs. Acting a song is a skill in its own right and this cast have this in abundance particularly Emily in her solo ‘In Short’ and Phoebe in ‘Lying there’.

The group number 'Facebook Song’ struck more than a few chords with the audience and was a highlight of the show.

Presented with a minimalist set, this cast from Bristol maintain the high standard associated with groups connected with that University.

Edges is a gem. The songs are melodic, in the main, with lyrics that have you listening intently. The actors voices and presentation varied enough to maintain interest throughout. Some of the material is aimed at adults, but not overtly.

Show times
Till 30 Aug (not 16), 7.55pm