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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Greg Davis: Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog Review

By Gabriel Neil - Posted on 17 August 2010

Fringe 2010: Greg Davies
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Avalon Promotions Ltd
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Greg Davis

With a bouncy nervous energy and a self-deprecating delivery, the large frame of Greg Davies bounds on stage with his new show. In this hugely enjoyable stand-up one is taken on a journey about the strange, unaccountable moments in life, which take you out of your past and make you live “in the moment”, told through Davies’ own life story.

This journey involves a series of wonderful real-life stories told well, including a bizarre yet believable tale of him almost dying on holiday, a hilarious trawl through the nicknames of his former schoolmates and stories of his time as a teacher, with children so amazingly weird it can only be true.

All the stories are told with an ease of delivery and amazing talent for comic storytelling. If there is another star in this show other than Davies himself, it is his father, the actions of whom are of such unwitting comic genius that the audience were left gasping for breath, sides aching.

Greg Davies has such a clear talent for making people laugh that the hour-long show seemed to merely breeze by, and his message of getting the most out of the funny, random moments in life, whilst in the hands of another comic may have come across as preachy, was merely made all the more convincing through Davies’ talent. This is a brilliant, cleverly constructed and very, very funny show.

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Till 29 August, 9.45pm

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£9.50 - £10.50 (£8 - £9)