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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Lady Boys of Bangkok: Fantasy and Feathers Tour Review

By Editor - Posted on 28 August 2010

Lady boys
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Theatre Big Tops
Philip Gandey Productions
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Lady Boys of Bangkok Fantasy and Feathers Tour
The Lady Boys of Bangkok

For over a decade Philip Gandey’s show the Lady Boys of Bangkok in the Meadows has been the Fringe show that has brought and created new audiences for the Fringe Festival. It has been the link between the Edinburgh and Lothian community as a whole, the show that many in and out of towner’s regard as the Fringe, or at least their first experience of the Fringe.

Last night I attended the third sell-out show of the day, eight hundred tickets sold per show, which in itself speaks volumes.

Every year the Lady Boys come back with a new routine and wonderful new costumes, Danny La Rue eat your heart out, fantastic costumes, the epitome of glitter and glamour. Once people get over their initial curiosity, they realise that they are at one of the best shows in town, almost an Asian Follies Berger or a Windmill theatre show in a massive circus tent.

It is the complete night out for office and works parties, it is also massively popular with stags and hen parties, and the pink pound of the gay scene is often seen here. Everybody is encouraged to enjoy themselves and in the second half towards the end of the show many of the audience are on their feet dancing and joining in. I have met very few people to do not enjoy the experience of the Lady Boys show. In fact I have intentionally over the years sent many reviewers to the Lady Boys, some who have specialised in the high arts for decades and not one of them have given it less than no drams or five stars.

The Lady Boys of Bangkok are simply the best cabaret floor-show you will see at the Fringe, or anywhere else, they are simply fantastic.

Show Times
6 to 28 August, various times