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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Nina Conti: Talk to the Hand Review

By Garry Platt - Posted on 11 August 2010

Nina Conti
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Pleasance Dome
Nina Conti
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Nina Conti

Nina Conti has probably done more to revitalise ventriloquism as a great performance art than anyone else in the country, or the world for that matter.

This year at the Pleasance Dome Nina is accompanied by her best friend Monkey, who is rude, offensive, in your face but always hilarious. She has added something new to the mix and some additional characters. They are Owl, a rather superior and ever so slightly sanctimonious individual who’s an interesting foil to Monkey.

He is closely followed by Grandma, modelled apparently on her own Grandma who makes some funny live phone calls to hotels trying to make a room booking. She is then followed by a Jewish matriarch. Or is she? You’ll need to watch the show to figure that one out.

Finally a couple of audience members join her on stage and, thanks to a quite remarkable mask that Conti persuades them to wear, they find themselves saying things they probably would never normally admit to.

Nina Conti is a solid performer you’ll get a good show with plenty of laughs thanks to her inventive mind and clear talent for humorous delivery. Strongly recommended.

Show times
Until 30 August (not 16, 23), 8.30pm

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£12 (conc), £10.50