City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Pale Moon Review

By John Glen - Posted on 19 August 2010

Pale Moon
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Cathartic Connections Theatre Company
Running time: 
Andrew Henry (director/writer)
Arth (Ross Slater), Buck (Jamie Laing)

Arth and Buck are two men stuck in a rut. Their lives are going nowhere and are controlled by making money for other people. Set 20 years after economic failure, Pale Moon explores what will happen if we continue the way we are right now in our lives.

The potential for this idea is massive, considering the current financial crisis the global community is facing. Sadly this script fails to hit any mark whatsoever. What we are told the show will do, and what it actually does are two completely different things.

It appears to be showing us a world which isn’t radically different to the one we live in right now, completely negating the need to set it 20 years in the future. There is, however, an inventive set with two screens being used to create this depressingly futuristic world. Sadly this production is let down by a script that, at the very least, required another draft. It is, however, important to support these types of shows; with the company being made up of primarily students, these are the productions that make the Fringe so varied.

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Till 21 August

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