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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Persephone: The Musical Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 18 August 2010

Cast of Persephone
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St Mark's Church
Pomegrante Productions
Running time: 
Claire McNicholl (Story and Lyrics), Fabio D'Andrea (Composer)
Rachel Fabri (Persephone), Danny Whitehead (Trip), Marika Rauscher (Demeter), Peter Homan (Hades), Jean Marc Cafa (Oracle )

This small, but international cast retells the story of Persephone: a Greek myth translated into a modern setting. Some of the publicity mentions Phantom of the Opera and the storyline is not dissimilar, but if anything the music in Persephone is more easy on the ear throughout, although the phrase "love never dies" is used on a couple of occasions.

This is the tale of a young girl unaware of who she is, and unaware that she cannot marry a mere mortal. Hades, ruler of the underworld is to be her spouse in an arranged marriage but Persephone meets and falls for Trip at a wedding. This triggers consequences as she is kidnapped by Hades. Her mother is racked with grief at her daughter being spirited away while the young girl works through the situation she finds herself in before negotiating a compromise worthy of industrial relations.

Persephone is played by Rachel Fabri, a soprano currently touring the UK as part of platinum-selling, classical music group ‘All Angels’. Rachel brings not only her singing talent to the part, but vividly captures the initial joy of her meeting Trip and then her anger and the development of a relationship with Hades.

Danny Whitehead is very good in the part of Trip bringing a clarity of diction in his singing that is essential if the audience is follow the story in full. The use of the balcony behind the audience coupled with the strength of his voice was a highlight of this production.

Marika Rauscher, a spinto soprano, is effective as the mother as also is Peter Homan as Hades.

The Oracle oozes professionalism and maybe more narration in the style of ‘Blood Brother’ might ensure that all the nuances of the plot are followed.

Show times
19, 21, 22, 26, 28 Aug, 5.30pm
20, 24, 25, 27, 8pm

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£9 (£7)