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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Poperatically Speaking Review

By Barnaby Miln - Posted on 10 August 2010

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Poperatically Speaking
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Singing Opera through to Pop
Callum Bicknell (baritone), Emily Stanghan (soprano)

Callum Bicknell and Emily Stanghan are 16 year-olds from Norfolk with the talent and ambition to come to the Fringe with a range of fourteen tracks. These range from opera all the way through to pop - a genre nowadays described as Popera.

Performing in Augustine’s Studio, the darkened stage is divided in two with the accompanying music played in one half by three slightly older musicians. The two singers come and go to the other half of the stage from the side door and are appropriately lit when they sing.

The opener, a duet, had both Callum and Emily standing very still, almost menacingly, whilst they sung but thank goodness a smile then emerged on both faces and between them they very charmingly introduced their programme as it went along.

The range went from Fauré's Requiem through to Robbie Williams, with Mozart, Handel, Gershwin and Andrew Lloyd-Webber along the way.

Both are indeed talented and deserve for the rest of the week the well filled audience experienced on their first night.

9-14 August, 6.25pm

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£5.50 (£4.00)