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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Some Gorgeous Accident Review

By Jean West - Posted on 21 August 2010

Some Gorgeous Accident
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Assembly Hall
Inside Intelligence
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Louis Egan (Link), Ben Warwick (Fiddes, QC), Annarose Cattanach (Susan Steinberg), Katie Fabel (Mandy, Ma, Matron)

This triangular love affair is a sophisticated soap opera smudged naturally by scandal. Susie loves Link and Fiddes, his best friend, an eminent psychiatrist. The three-some become embroiled in a web of tension in the Swinging London of the sixties engaging the audience in a magnificent tale of what happens next.

Throw in a prostitute who is used and abused and quite rightly exacting revenge no matter whose reputation gets hurt and you have the recipe for an outrage. A tense courtroom drama ensues.

Supposedly based on the breakdown of Scottish writer James Kennaway’s marriage when his wife took off with author John Le Carre, the play muses elegantly on our most fragile human emotions.

None of the four member cast out-perform each other nor the multiple characters some of them portray. Each has the confidence and show-off within them to falter not once in a nicely stylized delivery. Katie Fabel (Mandy, Ma, Matron) came across as particularly versatile with a range of accents that make it impossible to determine her true origins.

This is a slick, edgy number – the stuff of real life newspaper dirt. It was sad that only six people turned out on a wet Capital lunchtime to digest the offering.

Show Times and Ticket Prices

Aug 23-26, 30; 12.30. Tickets £13 (£11)
Aug, 20-22, 27-29; 12.30. Tickets £15 (£13)