The Seagull Review

Submitted by John Glen on Thu, 19 Aug '10 8.24pm
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Theatre Alba
Charles Nowosielski (Director), Jo Clifford (Writer)
Rosalyn Ross (Nina), Calum Couston (Konstantin)
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Theatre is something that benefits from being given a different view every now and again. Jo Clifford’s adaptation of Anton Chekhov's The Seagull does just that.

This is a play about love and hope, and how, over time, these things are taken away from us. Nina is a budding actress and is fighting off the affections of Konstantin, the prospective playwright. The decisions of who they choose to love shape their futures, possibly for the worst.

In the picturesque setting of Duddingston Kirk Loch, we see Chekhov’s play given a new lease of life. Unfortunately, the script has been cut down too much, and the use of the word “loch” in the same sentence as reminiscing about old Russia, does make the action somewhat jar.

That aside, the experience of viewing this play in such a serene setting, make it worth the watch. It certainly is different.

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Till 29th August (not 23, 24), 7.30pm

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£10 (£8)