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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Robin and Partridge: Worlds Collide Review

By Laura Hutton - Posted on 07 August 2011

Robin and Partridge
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Charlie Partridge, Robin Clyfan

If you happen to have popped in to the Pleasance Courtyard this Fringe, it’s likely you’ll have spotted a pair of peacock-headed men milling around. That would be Robin Clyfan and Charlie Partridge, who have come Edinburgh-bound in search of new audiences to work up into a hot, sweaty and very happy rabble.

The Attic itself is no bigger than a classroom, which is ideal considering the show is essentially an education in some serious nonsense. With the help of modern technologies such as shadow puppetry and cardboard, we are taken to a technicolour forest, have politics explained by a few well-educated animals, and are taught how to win by Jeremy, who put toast on the breakfast menu.

It’s clear from the outset that it’s going to be a noisy show, and they don’t disappoint, with frequent outbreaks of dancing, a bit of experimental Irish poetry and endless audience participation. You leave feeling a little out of breath, partly from laughter, partly from conjuring up the scenery (they’re on a budget, you know).

It’s wild; it’s colourful; it looks a little like it should be in a travelling circus. By the end it’s likely you’ll know the surrounding audience on first name terms.

Show times: 7 – 29 August (excluding 10 & 17) 10.45pm

Ticket prices: £6 - £9