City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

All Chopin Piano Recital Review

By Barnaby Miln - Posted on 14 August 2013

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At Festive Time
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A recital of popular Chopin preludes, waltzes, nocturnes, ballades and scherzos.
William Alexander (piano)

William Alexander was delighted with his audience of over a hundred Chopin enthusiasts for a lunchtime concert at the recently reopened and splendid St Andrew's and St George's West in George Street.

What was so good was his introductory remarks about what he was to play on the Yamaha piano. Fifteen works by Chopin which he put into eight groups. So in the course of seventy five minutes he was on his feet eight times - and all he said was fascinating. Clearly a Chopin fan since he was playing 78 records at the age of seven, he, Glasgow born, told us he went on train as a scientist but studied music alongside. He then went on to a formal music education.

Nobody could have been in any doubt that William Alexander can not only play Chopin on the piano but that he can talk about Chopin's works with great knowledge - and knowingly judge what would go down well with his audience. I had forgotten, for instance, that Chopin was so very reluctant to play in public - but did once perform in Edinburgh's Hopetoun Rooms in Queen Street. He did not have anything good to say about that audience, we learned.

Talking to one hundred people needs a louder clearer voice for older people to hear the detail. When William was reaching for the next piece of music whilst speaking to us, I lost track. But otherwise a very happy lunchtime concert.