City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

EIF Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra : Tchaikovsky 6 ‘Pathétique’

By Barnaby Miln - Posted on 13 August 2013

Bavarian Symphony Orchestra, Mariss Jansons
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The Usher Hall
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
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Beethoven, Piano Concerto No 4; Tchaikovsky Symphony No 6 Pathétique Beethoven, Piano Concerto No 4; Tchaikovsky Symphony No 6 Pathétique Beethoven, Piano Concerto No 4; Tchaikovsky Symphony No 6 Pathétique
Mariss Jansons (conductor), Mitsuko Uchida (piano)

How fortunate to have such experienced musicians. Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto has a quiet piano introit after the conductor has given the go-ahead. Unfortunately at that very moment there was a small disturbance in the audience, but Mitsuko Uchida shrugged her shoulder gently and started again.

The German sense of control had been immediately apparent when the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra’s leader brought his players on to stage, with what one can describe as an organised bustle - as each went to an allocated desk.

The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra has been Mariss Jansons’ for ten years now and he has it just as he wants it. His wonderful facial expressions and hand movements encourage his players and delight the audience. There was a confidence and precision from both pianist, stroking rather than pushing the keys, and the strings of the orchestra that was masterly. Not surprisingly the audience clapped long enough to be awarded a Mitsuko Uchida encore.

Theories abound about Tchaikovsky’s inner turmoil over his sexuality, and because it was his last completed symphony, this makes his Symphony No 6 Pathétique poignant. He died shortly after its first performance in October 1893.

The build up to the end of the third Allegro molto vivace movement never fails to catch those who think that’s the end, and applaud. But it’s the slow thoughtful movement after it that’s so very moving.

Conductor and Orchestra were ready with their encore. A discerning audience was fully rewarded with a first class concert.

Event: Sunday 11 August 2013 at 7.30pm