City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Sinatra: The final Curtain Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 12 August 2013

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Kingdom Theatre
Running time: 
John Murray (Writer), Tony Delicata (Additional script and Director)
Moray Innes (Frank Sinatra), Alan Murrie (Young Frank Sinatra), Jennie Walker (Rosie) alternating with Sarah MacGillivray, Sadie Paton (Barbara)

Frank Sinatra reigns supreme in this new musical from Kingdom Theatre. In a production that oozes professionalism from every pore, Moray Innes must be close to reincarnation as the ‘Chairman of the Board’.

Set in a hospital bed near the end, Moray seems to capture the grumpiness of the man with every movement reminding you of how you remember him in his later years.

While the original script by John Murray with additions from Tony Delicata probably does not tell the audience anything particularly new about Sinatra's life, the dialogue has been honed almost to perfection.

The main body of the show is the conversation between the old and dying Frank and his young nurse for this particular evening and it just comes over so naturally with sufficient laughs to keep you smiling as you eavesdrop on the relationship that quickly develops.

Music of course plays a big part and the honours are shared between Alan Murrie as the young Frank and of course Moray Innes.

Both recreate the songs effectively to the delight of a large audience and congratulations to the way the music and sound production techniques enhance the show.

This show surely has sufficient quality to be the start of something that could run and run and visitors should grasp their opportunity to see it while in the city.

Runs to 24 Aug, 8.15pm

not 19th(monday)