Huff, Traverse Theatre, Review

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Shona Reppe and Andy Manley with Catherine Wheels
Shona Reppe (Creator), Andy Manley (Co-Creator), Danny Krass (Sound Designer), Sergey Jakovsky (Lighting Designer), Graeme O'Hara (Film Designer), Jonathan Charles (Film Designer)
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Shona Reppe and Andy Manley have a reputation for creating theatrical magic for kids, and with Huff have managed to pull yet another surprise out of their seemingly bottomless creative hat.

Huff is a walk-through experience that requires of you nothing more than a basic knowledge of the Three Little Pigs, a little curiosity and a willingness to immerse yourself in an imaginary world made real. With a quick debrief from Traverse staff encouraging you to touch and explore but leave as you find, shoes were left at the door and the adventure began.

Three at a time - perhaps to suggest an affinity with our porcine protagonists - we wandered through their various rooms and cupboards. The house showed evidence of having been under attack from a very huffy wolf, as well as strategies the pigs had taken to protect themselves. A gentle voice came from nowhere to call your attention to particular items of interest and to instruct you on how to move into the next space – doors and walls were not always what they appeared to be.

The detail with which objects had been made and the surprises along the way were nothing short of ingenious and witty wizardry. To have such ideas is one thing, to execute them with such exquisite precision is quite another.

Adults who barely remember a time when their imagination was still able conjure impossible worlds will appreciate experiencing this slice of pure enchantment. Kids will simply engage with pure delight.

Runs every 8 minutes until August 24th (not Mondays), £6