Agitación Senil, Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Review

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Vagalume Teatro
Marta Sitja(director), Fabian Huertes Castillo (stage and general design including masks) Jose Maria Pedraza and Valentin Murillo(composers), Kaos Teatro (production) Vagalume Teatro and Laura León (costumes) Rosa Mari Herrador (choreography), Marisa Pascual (wigs) Mar Navarro (work with masks), Luis Palma, Emilio Jimenez Vico (recording technical) Vagalume Teatro and Marisa Pascual (props)
Nia Corella, Pablo Carazo and Marisa Refoyo
Alex Furundarena, Nia Cortijo, Marisa Refoyo (voice over)
Jose Maria Pedraza (piano), Valentin Murillo Yokobue (flute, tenor sax and soprano), Joan Masana (double Bass and electric bass), Eneko Alberdi (electric guitar), Alfredo Sarno (drums),Rafa Lozano (percussion), Julian Sanchez (trumpet)
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The paths of three elderly people cross as they spend their time in the park. None of them is wealthy. One day a chance meeting at a cash machine inspires them to plot together to blow up the ATM and make off with the money. Will their dreams come true with new found wealth? Will they get away with it? Will this be the end of their friendship?

Birdsong and gentle jazz notes play as the three grey heads make their tentative moves to get to know each other at the park bench. One man and two women are portrayed through delightful mime by Nia Corella, Pablo Carazo and Marisa Refoyo. Their movements are universally recognised as they play games, flirt and retain hope for the future.

One is always clutching his heart; one is still sloganizing and leading demos; one is pushing a pram gathering what she can and thinking of her man. Together they set out on an adventure capitalizing on the each other’s strengths. The performers wear static masks with exaggerated features yet their body language is so potent it feels as though the faces are alive. This is great testament to the actors as well as to the mask makers.

The accompanying music is perfect for this show and at livelier intervals got audience on board clapping with no effort at all. This gently cheeky show whose silent actions transcend language is a fine lesson in how to not go out of this life quietly and that the simple joy of friendship matters much more than money.
July 31 to August 5

Run ended