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Baccalà Clown
Camilla Pessi and Simone Fassari (show devisers), Louis Spagna (director), Valerio Fassari (artistic collaboration and technical management), Christoph Siegenthaler (lighting)

Simone Fassari and Camilla Pessi
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Baccalà Clown brings top of the range circus skills from Switzerland to Scotland.

There is a big black bare stage. Carousel sounds from another time, like a tilting waltz from a faintly scratched record fills the space. The two clowns shyly appear and are instantly captivating as they begin their playful silent narrative.

The empty stage serves as a blank canvas for the escapades of the two friends and would be lovers who take the audience through a gamut of innocent emotions that are full of simple joy. Sensuous, insouciant and transporting, this gentle child- like dance of love and friendship transcends language and utterly captivates with imagination and fun. The audience is on board from the get go with some being more part of things than others. Be warned if you are a big strong chap!

Their quaintly styled cartoonish costumes encapsulate their style – traditional and yet of now. Camilla’s look is reminiscent of Pippi Longstocking dressed in bright apple colours of red and green rather than two odd men’s shoes of black and brown! Simone in his shortie overcoat has an echo of the look of Jacques Tati. They employ traditional circus skills of acrobatics, bobbin spinning and trapeze that are pleasantly nail biting and involve some knee trembling daring. Their controlled haphazardness is under the sure direction of original Cirque du Soleil performer Louis Spagna. Traditional circus instruments of trumpet and accordion are part of the show with the novel addition of a ladder. Some fruit is also involved!

This is virtuoso comic clowning practised with impressive modesty and a sheer delight to witness.

Baccalà Clown began at Teatro Dimitri School in Switzerland and are winners of the Cirque du Soleil award at the 30th Festival du Cirque de Demainin Paris. They have performed over 300 international performances including the Avignon festival; the International Mime Festival London; Wuquao Festival China; Nikulin Circus Festival, Moscow as well as Brazil, Egypt, Guyana, Turkey, Polynesia, Morocco and Italy.

age suitability 8+

Fri 1st - Mon 25 August (not 18)
18:50 £12 /£10