City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

The Big Bite-Sized Breakfast, Pleasance Dome, Review

By Katie Mitchell - Posted on 22 August 2014

The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show
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Pleasance Dome
White Room Theatre
Running time: 
Nick Brice (director) Sketches (Menu 2) by: Trace Crawford, Kevin Jones, Lisa Holdsworth, Tom Coash, Joel Jones.
Steven Chusak, Tegen Hitchens, Annie Jackson, William Knowelden, Becky Moult, Miles Mlambo

A beautiful, sunny August morning (rare for any Edinburgh Festival goer), a cup of coffee, fresh strawberries and a croissant (even rarer for any heavy-eyed Fringe reviewer). However, this is all part of the experience for White Room Theatre.

Settling down in the Pleasance Dome the audience are treated to Menu 2 of The Big Bite Sized Breakfast Show. The performance is a series of short drama sketches which changes daily, making each show different – this screams what the Fringe is all about. The sketches are all unconnected however, so there is no knowing what they might serve up next.

Most sketches are slightly amateurish with no real plot line, interesting theme or issue – they almost seem to have no point at all. They are, however, extremely funny and create a humble atmosphere – but that might be the well-filled stomach talking.

It isn't until sketch four; Raghead by Tom Coash which is the saving grace of the performance. Set in a New York bar, a couple meet on a blind date where an actress pretends to be a Muslim by simply wearing a headdress. They raise important issues about the prejudice against the Muslim religion, racism and women and argue that this is mostly due to the aftermath of 9/11.

Despite the dodgy New York accents players Tegen Hitchens and Miles Mlambo perform with grace and comedic timing, as well as being able to add moments of empathy to the piece. This sketch really hits home current socio-political issues that are often shied away from. Coash’s sketch is well crafted, politically engaging and should be commended.

The overall piece is warm-hearted with a gem of a sketch tucked away to surprise. This is a nice way to kick-start the morning and leaves an audience feeling satisfied and not just from the free breakfast.