City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Homme | Animal, Greenside @ Nicolson Sq, Review

By Garry Platt - Posted on 17 August 2015

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Vendetta Mathea and Co
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Vendetta Mathea (Choreography, Dancer and Voice) Olivier Caldamaison (Lights) Tchad (Music)
Dancers: Surya Berthomieux, Link Berthomieux and Nicolas Garsault

Vendetta Mathea, during a residence at La Manufacture, experimented, designed and developed both the physical movement and soundscape for this hour-long dance experience. Working with three talented and imaginative dancers the piece progressed from initially transposing emotion into motion and melding more than 20 musical compositions into a dynamic and impressive single body of work.

The choreography and dancers have successfully contracted classical movement, contemporary and breakdance into an un-fractured whole. The piece creatively blends these styles into a form which is virtually without boundaries. The three primary dancers present some beautiful patterns, sequences and montages in a flowing and sustained manner. Their sympathetic and balanced interactions combined with their immense skill and presentation of the choreography is compelling to watch.

I intentionally don't read press releases until after I have seen a show, preferring to watch in the same way the public does, without additional context or insight. I now understand the vocalisations the dancers make but at the time I thought these were echoes of the expletive cries made by martial artists. In the early part of the dance I felt they contributed a sympathetic addition to the movements being performed but eventually began to detract in the latter stages.

For me the piece was too long. Its impact could be better imparted and its emotional content delivered by condensing the piece into 50 minutes. That said dance like any art form is subjective and others may have found the timing just right.

It's a hot venue where either the air conditioning or natural ventilation is inadequate, so go with clothing that will allow you to breath. I found myself fighting the suffocating heat and two children opposite me clearly had their enjoyment significantly impacted by the ambient temperature.

The Fringe is a hot bed of progressive dance and experimental movement. The presence of dance on the Fringe has grown and is growing year by year. By attracting people like Vendetta I can see the Fringe becoming an increasingly important date in the dance calendar.

Runs til 29 August (not 23rd)