I'm Not Here Right Now, Summerhall - Roundabout, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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Dancing Brick and Soho Theatre
Steve Marmion (director), Thomas Eccleshare (writer)
Valentina Ceschi (performer), Thomas Eccleshare (narrator)
Running time

What really is the truth? What happens when we believe something that others might think is 'crazy'? I’m Not Here Right Now forces its audience to wrestle with these questions alongside its protagonist.

A scientist uncovers an astonishing truth in the middle of a mountain blizzard - will anyone believe her? She is determined to find the necessary convincing evidence.

Dancing Brick and Soho Theatre bring Thomas Eccleshare’s new play to the Fringe this year and what a treat it is. Eccleshare’s script is rich and vibrant, engaging the audience's imagination.

The story is played out by the truly captivating Valentina Ceschi. Her use of body and movement commands the space, working precisely in sync with Eccleshare himself who narrates the piece with a passionate energy.

The Roundabout Theatre, a new and highly innovative pop up theatre, adds to the realistic fly-on-the-wall approach as the audience is placed in the round, almost as though to judge Ceschi’s character. The theatre also has a surround sound system which works extremely well in playing with the concept of realism – what is real and what is not?

Steve Marmion directs the piece with an attention to detail that cleverly plays with the audience’s imagination. Some sections, however, seemed to drag out with a lack of action, making for a rather abrupt climactic ending.

Overall, however, the concept is extremely thought-provoking, leaving the audience questioning the truth of what they have seen.

Run till 30th Aug at 6.25pm