City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

The Pin: Ten Seconds with The Pin, Pleasance Dome, Review

By JD Stewart - Posted on 10 August 2015

The Pin - The Pleasance
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Pleasance Dome
The Pleasance
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Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen

Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen are known as The Pin. Once again, they have brought their interesting brand of sketch comedy to the Fringe following a successful run last year.

In some ways, sketch comedy could be seen as one of the simplest comedic forms of art. Usually you're not alone, if one joke dies you move swiftly on, and the general feel is so quick fire that the time just falls in.

After a shaky start - their projection was a little soft for the venue - Ben and Alex took us on a whirlwind adventure as they tried to create the Greatest Sketch. They claimed they would achieve this by showing us how random sketches could be and include the best bits that worked into a grand finale. In showing how random sketches in general could be, the opener was fantastic, the guys also showed us how sometimes something doesn't work.

However, I couldn't help but feel lost throughout what seemed to be ten hours and not ten seconds. Both guys are charming, have amicable chemistry, and can definitely find a punchline. But it seemed that their irreverent style fell short of the tighter and more fully formed sketch comedy which has been paved out before them. That's not to say that all audience members weren't taken on the ride, because a majority of them were. I went in expecting more from the ex-Footlights performers and left feeling extremely disappointed after not laughing once.

There is always a large admiration in my heart for any act that stands on stage and opens themselves up for an audience. It is by no means an easy task but it was also painstakingly clear where some of their material fell short or missed the mark.

Ben and Alex are clearly talented - there is no quibble with that - but the venue size (they looked like they were swallowed) and mediocre material only led me to think that their best was not what I saw, but is still to come.

10-31 August (Not 17/24), 7pm. Tickets: £10 (£9 Concessions)