City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

The Tour, Surgeon's Hall, Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 17 August 2015

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Surgeon's Hall
Spangled Entertainment
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Thom Selwood(Director)
Matthew Bond, Sarah Riches, Jill Renning, Belinda Wollaston, Scarlett Courtney, Robin Varley, Jo Wickham, Paul Rich, Carrie Marx

It was a mystery as to why ‘The Tour’ was playing to such a small audience. Is it one of these "hidden gems", just overlooked by the thousands of people at the Fringe? Or is 11.25am on a sunny morning just not the ideal time?

Set on a bus, touring the USA with a musical it looks at the relationships between the various cast members and the cast and folks back home. For some cast members it is a parallel existence, with one of the guys, who has an undying love for a fellow cast member, believing that what happens on the tour stays on the tour.

The Director and Lesley have a past which she hopes to rekindle again without thought for her husband back home. We have a young newcomer away from home and wondering if she really wants to embrace all that the big world has to offer. There is the older cast member who is always having meaningful chats on her mobile - is it a child, a partner, or someone else?

The singing and lyrics are really good and my only issue is that the music chugs along like a ‘bed’ and has little relation to the song. Also, at the beginning, voice and backing track seem to compete for your ear.

The actor/singers are all very good with special mention for Mathew Bond as the larger than life character who gets some laughs out of a pillow used to effect in the confined space of the bus.

Carrie Marx as Lesley and Scarlett Courtney as newcomer Ellen are the pick of a strong group of female performers.

This is a new musical and the cast of three men and six women come across very clearly as individuals, all with a story that you want to hear. The show really deserves more attention. The tour is often a preamble to a move into a permanent theatre, dependent on sales and reviews. The company now needs an audience!

It is suitable for over fourteen years of age and language - one overtly sexual scene produces that classification.

Runs to 22nd Aug, 11.25am