Attrape Moi, Assembly Hall, Review

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Flip Fabrique
Olivier Normand (Director) Élyane Martele (Stage Designer) Véronique Bertrand(Costume Designer) Judith Dufour Savard (Lighting Designer)
Hugo Ouellet Cote,Jade Dussault, Jeremie Arsenault, Christophe Hamel, Francis Julien, Bruno Gagnon
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Meet Flip Fabrique, a group of graduates from the Quebec Circus School. What an introduction!

Six exceptionally talented young circus artists take to the stage in one of the most exciting nouveau cirque performances you will ever see. Meeting up for the first time in a decade, the six take a trip to an old cottage to make some memories and have as much fun as they can.

Tumbling, trapeze, trampolines, yoyos, hula hoops, big red balls – and diablo wonders unlike anything you’ve ever seen, all accompanied by riotously fun music. The feats they achieve are almost inhuman in their daring and precision – all of which are done with the biggest smiles and hugely entertaining clowning.

This show is as humorous as it is powerful as the six friends take on dares and play tricks on one another. The imagination put into the show is hilarious – even the sleeping bags aren’t safe! A performance to fill you with wonder and amazement, completely invigorating and totally mesmerising.

This is absolute world class circus craft. There is so much joie de vivre on stage you’ll walk out buzzing. An utterly phenomenal show.

Times: 6-29 August, 6pm (not 15 or 22)
Tickets: £15-£16 (£13-£14)