City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Forever Plaid, theSpace @ Symposium Hall, Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 05 August 2016

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Symposium Hall
Providence Productions
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In Edinburgh, when you see tartan clad or plaid singers, you think of the Bay City Rollers and their ability even in 2016 to bring audiences to their feet.

Forever Plaid has a more subdued effect.

Four lads, singing in perfect harmony, perform a set of numbers from the 50's and 60's.

The story is that the group were killed in a road collision with a school bus when on their way to a performance. Despite being in limbo for 50 years they are now back on planet Earth and decide to perform the show that never was.

There is a running joke that they are a bit ring rusty in stage terms but the rest of the show is songs with some "goofy" clowning around.

The music is easy on the ear and the singers complement their voices with slick routines.

The highlight was the nod to the Ed Sullivan Show and an audience participation calypso number.

The school bus involved in the collision was en route to the Beatles' appearance on American TV which was covered by a barber quartet version of 'She Loves You. If the arrangement of that song seemed strange, Scotland the Brave was even less convincing to a local ear.

The four performers are very good and it's a pleasant, amusing show for lunch-time, but it fails to set the heather on fire.

Til 13 Aug, 12.45pm. £10 (£8) 2 for 1 on 8th.