City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Skrimshanks, Assembly George Square Theatre Omnitorium, Review

By Katie Stephen - Posted on 10 August 2016

Skrimshanks clowns Jack Kelly and Henry Maynard
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Flabbergast Theatre
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Jack Kelly, Henry Maynard (Creators)
Jack Kelly, Henry Maynard

Enter with caution and an open mind as your every move is under the magnifying glass at the mercy of the Skrimshanks duo. With no script, no perceivable plot and a group of respectably, unsuspecting audience members, the clownish couple create an entire piece based on the imperfections of their audience.

Welcomed to the vaudeville style tent behind the Assembly George Square Theatre, a key question is presented which will determine how smooth your course will run. One will have you seated comfortably as an onlooker, the other will place you under a spotlight and the critical nit-picking of the Skrimshanks fools. Make your choice, and the show will begin.

Working in perfect synchronicity, Jack Kelly and Henry Maynard’s bond is apparent from the second they scrutinise their first victim. In true bouffon style, the pair force you to look at your most minute of flaws, and for what could be the first time in your life, they get you raucously laughing at them. Both trained with the critically acclaimed Red Bastard, so it is not surprising that their performance quality surpasses the improvisational requirements for audience suggestions.

This show is not for the easily offended or those susceptible to stage-fright. Lubricate your ego, clutch your insecurities for fear of letting them loose on them, and pray that you don’t draw any attention to yourself.

Times: 3-28 (not 16 & 22) Aug, 10.30pm (11.30pm)
Tickets: £6 - £12