City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Paperwork 5, Venue 208 - Ski Club, Review

By Vivien Devlin - Posted on 23 August 2018

Paperwork 5,  artworks by Trevor Davies, Marion Barron, Ruth Thomas
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Trevor Davies, Marion Barron, Ruth Thomas - Artists

Local artists, Marion Barron, Trevor Davies and Ruth Thomas who all met while studying at Edinburgh College of Art are collaborating in their fifth exhibition at the Festival Fringe. Their diverse yet complementary Artworks on Paper is always a most inspiring showcase of finely crafted imagery and painterly precision.

In Paperwork 5, these three distinctive artists offer a collection of dream-like seascapes, delicate figurative studies, serene Still Life and cool abstracts.

Trevor Davies presents a broad range of subjects across artistic mode and manner: silhouetted figures, the rounded perfection of a bowl and thread-wrapped scrolls of paper with hidden messages, perhaps to be sent in a bottle. As he comments, ”There's something of the old, worn, used, even discarded. There are things half-hidden. And marks left behind newly discovered”.

“Three Waiting Figures,” is a meticulous sculptured collage, creatively layered with salvaged paper, sand paper, oil and gouache. Davies is a master at abstract Still Life such as “White Bowl, Red Cloth” (illustrated above), and the diptych, “Pairs”, defining the fine art of shape and geometric form. Using mixed media, (watercolour, acrylic, oil, ink), the colour palette is soft and subdued with a brushed blend of grey, ochre, cream, duck blue for a quietly calm composition.

Marion Barron is involved in creating abstract works as if dissecting the draughtsmanship of architectural drawings to re-imagine lines and blocks into a surreal sketch. “My work is inspired by buildings - the empty spaces, the detailed fabric of buildings and the random features and surfaces to be found there

Glimpses of an urban or seaside landscape is given minimalist form such as in “Pier” and “Harbour.” A scrap of an old structure, whether damaged stone or rusted metal, “Derelict” (as shown), has an extraordinary depth and texture representing a lost fragment of place and time.

Ruth Thomas is an Australian artist fascinated by the coastlines of Scotland and New South Wales to study “Nature’s calligraphy: the myriad of lines on windswept beaches, the richly coloured rock faces, the delicate structures of shells and seaweed.

“Forth Memory” (illustrated) is a richly patterned,shimmering seascape which echoes the fluidity of the tide, ebb and flow of waves. With an impressionistic style, she captures the seashore and woodland, the imagery of water, pebbles and trees through shifting tones of shade and sunlight. Monochrome geological and botanical studies here too and a marvellous selection of decorative artist’s books.

Once again Paperwork 5 is an enriching, evocative exhibition of artwork to delight and inspire - for sale at affordable prices – so take a trip to Venue 208, Howe Street today!”

Show times:
17 – 27 August, 11am-6pm
Free entry