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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Toujours Et Près de Moi, Assembly Roxy, Review

By Katie Stephen - Posted on 09 August 2018

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Assembly Roxy

Pepper’s Ghost is a 19th Century illusion that utilises projections and a two way mirror to create the illusion of apparitions. ERRATICA have perfected this stage trick to create Toujour Et Près de Moi, a haunting tabletop performance.

From wooden boxes, three pocket-sized people appear, then disappear in a dance of discovery and loss. With two onstage performers, who are not prithy to the same visual spectacle the audience are, carry out a carefully choreographed performance to create spaces for the three ghosts to inhabit. Their ability to structure the world for the purposes of the illusion is essential, however the trauma they appear to be experiencing within their own relationship doesn’t seem entirely necessary.

This operatic style performance, usually seen with a 5-strong chorus, is scored with a stunning composition of both Renaissance and contemporary music - featuring vocal pieces from Salvatore Sciarrino, Christopher Fox and James Week. This score is very powerful and often detracts and contrasts from the visual a little too much.

Creator and director Patrick Eakin Young notes in his programme that the fact he is revealing the how of Pepper’s Ghost that is does not shatter the illusion but “makes it all the more magical.” The impeccable precision of his choreography ensures that this magic trick works perfectly. Teamed with the stunning performances of the ghosts (Anna Martine, Klas Lagerlund and Jordan Stevens) this production is no less intriguing with the foreknowledge of the ‘how to’s.

Runs 2 - 27 Aug (Not 13 & 20)