The members of Scotland’s only circus centre, Full Cirqle, are throwing open the doors to their Edinburgh-based warehouse space to the local community in the first of their gala days, Portobello Loves

Dolls: mini figures made for children to enhance their imagination and to play with life.

Ockham's Razor's aerial theatre brings circus into a whole new dimension with their new show, ‘Arc and Every Action’.

Scotland's first full-time dedicated circus centre, Full Cirqle: Edinburgh’s Centre for Circus Arts will be opening its doors in Edinburgh’s seaside town, Portobello.

Circa: Beyond delivers a fist-class performance on every level.

A fine balance of flair and farce makes Pants Down Circus: Rock, an hour of frolicking fun for all the family.

Baccalà Clown brings top of the range circus skills from Switzerland to Scotland.

In many ways, Jamie Adkins' solo act in Circus Incognitus could have been plucked from the screen of an early black-and-white silent movie.

Sisterhood in all its forms is a confidently trod theatrical theme but “guy stuff"... ummm, well that’s always a bit risky, eh?

Entering through the audience, dressed for a sunny day in the park, the cast of A Simple Space began playing games.