Sitting outside Dance Base at the Grassmarket is the Dance Dome: a portable 360° cinema, with comfy seats inside that allow you to recline a little and take in the dizzying experience of being

There are elements to the 2013 EIF programme which are forever 1970s’s America, with performances by Philip Glass and Patti Smith and works from Laurie Anderson and Frank Zappa.

As a refreshing change from the formal, fully staged performances, this selection of short small scale chamber pieces is part of the diverse Dance Odysseys programme.

The Fringe-style studio space on stage at the Festival Theatre creates the perfect close up view of these five, very short, intimate duets.

The opening night of an inspirational four day dance festival by Scottish Ballet was a double bill: Kenneth MacMillan’s Shakespearian waltz, Sea of Troubles, and Christopher Hampson’s s

Echolalia is the term applied to the habit of repeating others’ speech, often found in those with conditions such as autism.

Following the success of "Fall to the Top" (a reworking of Shakespeare's "Scottish Play"), Entita Theatre enter that difficult second album stage with a prequel to the Bard's Th

The Edinburgh International Festival, which ends tonight with the traditional, explosive finale of the

Arriving at the Festival Theatre, a man was standing outside making a general plea, “Does anyone have a spare ticket?” This first night of Cinderella performed by Mariinsky Ballet

The performance of ‘Hora’ by Israeli dance company, Batsheva, was completely overshadowed by the human rights protesters who, rightly or wrongly, took centre stage this evening.