City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


Tatyana, EIF 2012, Review

Tatyana - a scene

The Deborah Colker Dance Company's Tatyana is a stunning event. Based on Pushkin's poem Onegin, it follows the story of an aristocrat who callously rejects Tatyana's love when she was young.&n

Sulle Labbra Tue Dolcissime (On Your Honey Lips) Review

On Your Honey Lips - projection shot

Dance is undoubtedly a universal language. It doesn't matter who or where or from what culture the dancers come from, movement, gesture, shape all speak directly to us and this show has a lot to tell us.

Leo Review

Tobias Wegner in Leo

The blurb about this show doesn't give too much away so I won't either so as to preserve the impact of the opening. It's enough to say that due to some technical wizardry and clever staging gravity is defied before your very eyes and a myriad visually stunning images are created in front of you.

Jishin Review

Jishin Image

I would think that Japan has the equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary, perhaps based in the Yokida Prefecture or Tokyo, I'm guessing, I simply don't know.

Flash Mob Review

Mobbing About

If ever a show illustrated that prodigious talent alone is not enough to create a top class show, this is it.

Scottish Ballet: The Nutcracker

An enchanted dolls' house, an evil governess, and a nutcracker who may just be a handsome prince in disguise - this winter, prepare to enter a magical new world...

Scottish Dance Theatre - Matters of the Heart Review

Scottish Dance Theatre - matters of the Heart

Scottish Dance Theatre (SDT), Scotland’s national contemporary dance company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Beta Wave Transport/Bagofti Review


This performance consisted of two dance pieces by different artists that both, in very different ways, explored disturbing elements of the human condition.

Actions Review

Fringe 2011: Actions

Actions, performed by Daniel Squire and Andre Zachery from Irish Modern Dance Theatre, combined movement and text to provide an ambiguous piece of dance theatre.

Imprints Review

Fringe 2011: Imprints - Dancebase

Imprints is an unexpectedly moving piece of dance theatre by Nux, a dance platform that has been based in Scotland since 2007.