If ever a show illustrated that prodigious talent alone is not enough to create a top class show, this is it.

An enchanted dolls' house, an evil governess, and a nutcracker who may just be a handsome prince in disguise - this winter, prepare to enter a magical new world...

Scottish Dance Theatre (SDT), Scotland’s national contemporary dance company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

This performance consisted of two dance pieces by different artists that both, in very different ways, explored disturbing elements of the human condition.

Actions, performed by Daniel Squire and Andre Zachery from Irish Modern Dance Theatre, combined movement and text to provide an ambiguous piece of dance theatre.

Imprints is an unexpectedly moving piece of dance theatre by Nux, a dance platform that has been based in Scotland since 2007.

This latest show by David Hughes Productions is inspired by the myth and legend of Sawney Bean, a Scottish cannibal who lived in an Ayrshire cave with his incestuous family during an indeterminate

This man is an original hoofer, a song and dance man extraordinaire, 66 years old and still built like a recently retired Chippendale. Melvin Brown strutted his stuff for a packed and very responsive audience. Admittedly the average age of the audience was sixty plus, but age is no barrier to enjoyment.

This beautifully pitched show about the real life swimming and dancing experiences of the two dancers, mother and son, Madge and David Bolger, has already been a double first Fringe winner and it&r

The Pleasance Grand is one of the biggest stages available during the Fringe and Flawless are one of the biggest street dance acts available any time, so there's a synergy of sorts before the show