City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Book Festival

Edinburgh Book Festival: "Memoirs of a Singular Politician" Review

This was billed as "The Baker Tilly Event" and was another packed, sell-out for the Book Festival indicating the tremendous pulling power of former Conservative Party MP Ann Widdecombe as

Edinburgh Book Festival: "China's Brutal One Child System" Review

Ma Jian.png

Chair Rosemary Burnett introduced Ma Jian's new book "The Dark Road" as being "an amazing read".

Edinburgh Book Festival: Who Were the People Who Died in Pompeii?

This was an exceptional experience and the talk by Paul Roberts, the Curator of the British Museum's current exhibition on Pompeii and the Vesuvius eruption of AD79. It was absolutely packed out.

Edinburgh Book Festival: A New Look at Disraeli Review

This was a totally fascinating and entertaining hour with Douglas Hurd and Edward Young, ably chaired by Allan Little.

Edinburgh Book Festival: A L Kennedy - Writing Laid Bare Review


A. L. Kennedy is no stranger to the Edinburgh International Book Festival, or indeed to other such events.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Mark Urban Review

Mark Urban (B&W)

They were ordinary soldiers with dodgy equipment and often poor leadership.

Edinburgh Book Festival: George Monbiot Review


Leading us away from our laptops, manicured lawns and comfy sofas as well as our fear of things that might bite is environmentalist and columnist George Monbiot.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Charles Emmerson "1913: On the Brink of the Great War"

This was a fascinating first hour at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in which Charles Emmerson looked at the world before the First World War i

Happy 30th Birthday, Edinburgh International Book Festival

Edinburgh International Book Festival - reading in Charlotte Square Gardens

It was in August 1983 when the gates to Charlotte Square Gardens opened to visitors for the inaugural Edinburgh Book Festival, featuring 120 authors including John Updike

Edinburgh Book Festival Launches 2013 Programme

Edinburgh Book Festival Turns 30

In 1983, the inaugural Edinburgh International Book Festival was only the third literary festival in the UK and while 30,000 visitors enjoyed events with 120 authors including John Updike, P D Jame