City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Book Festival

Edinburgh Book Festival: Antonia Fraser, "Britain's Victorian Revolution" Review

Antonia Fraser - Edinburgh Book Festival

James Naughtie welcomed Lady Antonia Fraser by saying that the one thing that leaps out of her new historical account of the passing of the Great Reform Act of 1832, "Perilous Question",

Edinburgh Book Festival: "Strong Feelings in Hamburg and in Paris" Review

Serena Scott began by asking Rhidan Brook to describe the background to his book, "The Aftermath".

Edinburgh Book Festival: "Publishing in a Digital World - the Changing Nature of Writing" Review

This event proved one of the highlights of the 2013 Edinburgh International Book Festival thus far, certainly for this reviewer.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Kate Mosse, "Women of the Resistance" Review

Kate Mosse attracted a packed audience for the introduction to her new novel about female French Resistence fighters "Citadel".

Edinburgh Book Festival: Edward Stourton, "Fleeing from Hitler Across the Mountains" Review

With an exciting title and two BBC reporters this promised to be an entertaining session.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Alan Johnson, "An MP's Tale of Hardship and Honour" Review

Alan Johnson received a very warm welcome when he came into a full Baillie Gifford Main Theatre with Ruth Wishart who was to chair the session.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Laurie Penny, "The Greek Financial Crisis Uncovered" Review

This Edinburgh Book Festival session in the Peppers Theatre with Laurie Penny and Chaired by Faisal Islam was probably the most disappointing one that I have ever attended at the Edinburgh Int

Edinburgh Book Festival: George Goodwin, "War, Sixteenth Century Style" Review

It’s curious that while Scotland becomes a more confident nation, it continues to be muddled about its past.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Alfred Brendel, "Creating a Pianist's Bible" Review

There was a full house in the Baillie Gifford Main Theatre, where Alfred Brendel was joined by his co-author Professor Michael Morley, of the University of South Australia and Jonathan Mills, who a

Edinburgh Book Festival: Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones and Christian Plowman, "Going Undercover" Review

The Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre was full for this interesting session by two men who had interesting stories to tell about the world of intelligence, albeit seen from different angles: Rhodri Je