City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Book Festival

Edinburgh Book Festival: Maggie Gee and Enrique Vila-Matas: Novels about Novelists

Maggie Gee

The theme of this year’s Edinburgh Book Festival is summed up by the phrase ”Let’s Talk” illustrated with chirriping birds on the programme cover.

Edinburgh Book Festival: The Great War in Pictures, Hilary Roberts

Sadly a monsoon-like downpour reduced the size of the audience for Hilary Roberts, but those who braved the elements were treated to a fascinating hour of pictures from her new book, 'The Great War -

Edinburgh Book Festival: Nicholas Parsons, No Repetition, Hesitation or Deviation

An appearance by Nicholas Parsons is always a highlight of the Edinburgh International Book Festival and this year was no exception.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Ian Fraser, The Bank That Came Back From the Brink

In Charles Ferguson's excellent documentary Inside Job, Nouriel Roubini (famously dubbed Dr Doom for his accurate prognostications of

Edinburgh Book Festival: Publishing the Nation

This event, offered by Publishing Scotland, and chaired by Jenny Brown, attempted to look at the responsibilities of publishers in Scotland to reflect the nation.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Alexander McCall Smith, A Haven For Traditionally Built (2)

Alexander McCall Smith

This was quite simply pure entertainment and an hour of brilliant humour!

Edinburgh Book Festival: The Middle East Now

No subject could be more topical than looking at the Middle East today and all the problems that it faces. No surprise then that this event, which was supported by Baillie Gifford, was a sell-out.

Edinburgh Book Festival: A Fresh Perspective on the Second World War

Paddy Ashdown is well known to Edinburgh Book Festival audiences, so Peter Gutteridge was able to give him the briefest of introductions before retiring from the stage.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Alexander McCall Smith: A Haven for the Traditionally Built

Alexander McCall Smith

Anyone passing by the Baillie Gifford Main Tent at the Book Festival on Thursday lunchtime could be forgiven for thinking there was a brilliant comedy act on stage, given the uproarious laughter and a

Edinburgh Book Festival: Henry McLeish and david Torrance; Yes or No, What Next?

‘Embattled’ might seem an odd choice of word to describe Henry McLeish, former First Minister and David Torrance, political journalist, but the debate on the Scottish Referendum has produced stranger