City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Film Festival

Edinburgh Film Festival Loses MD of 15 Years

EIFF Wins Lottery Windfall

The Edinburgh International Film Festival and Filmhouse today announced the departure of Ginnie Atkinson (second from left) to pursue new projects.

Thugs and Dignitaries Sought For Burke and Hare Feature Film

Burke and Hare: sketches taken in court

Thugs, footmen, dignitaries, doctors, and ladies of the night are being sought for a new comedy feature film about Edinburgh's famous grave-robbers-turned-murderers Burke and Hare. Universal Extras are holding auditions for the parts at the Tolbooth in Stirling on Thursday 17th December from 9am to 5pm (people can turn up any time on the day according to the announcement).

Extreme Adventurers Appearing at Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival

EMFF - Timmy O'Neill

The 7th Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival returns to the Capital from 15-18 October, with controversial American climber Timmy O'Neill topping the bill. O'Neill, 40, hails from Boulder, Colorado and has made his name in the extreme climbing discipline of ‘buildering' which involves climbing city centre buildings and structures without a rope. ‘Slacklining' - walking along a rope strung between rock towers - is another of this extreme climber's favourite pastimes.

EIFF Review: Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite

Does the world really need another blaxploitation spoof?

EIFF Review: White Lightnin'

White Lightnin'

Imagine a darker version of Walk the Line, perhaps as directed by David Lynch, and you begin to get an idea of what to expect from this imaginary biopic.

EIFF 2009: Out Rage

EIFF 2009: Outrage

This new documentary from Kirby Dick seeks to do for closeted Republican politicians what his earlier This Film is Not Yet Rated did for the MPAA, namely expose hypocrisy and a self-serving agenda.

EIFF Review: Salvage


As someone who grew up watching Hammer horror and who regretted that new British horror films were few and far between at the time, I never thought I’d find myself responding to a film like S

EIFF Review: The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience

In 1966 Jean Luc Godard made Two or Three Things I Know About Her, a film about a Parisian housewife who prostituted herself in order to enjoy the fruits of consumer capitalism. Appearing on television to promote the film and further explain its message, that capitalism = prostitution, Godard would be accompanied by an actual prostitute.

EIFF Review: Vinyan

EIFF 2009: Vinyan

Or Emmanuelle [Beart] and the Last Cannibals?

Horror films have never been that big in the Francophone world. One suspects
that the reason, besides the competing discourse of the fantastique, is
that they are seen as somewhat déclassé, not serious enough.

EIFF Review: Giallo

EIFF 2009: Giallo

The title Giallo refers, generically, to a distinctive kind of Italian
horror-thriller film, of which writer-director Dario Argento has been a
leading exponent since his 1970 debut The Bird with the Crystal