City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh International Science Festival

Two New Children’s Shows Commissioned for the 2016 Edinburgh International Science Festival

Two award winning theatre Scottish companies, Catherine Wheels and Borderline, in collaboration with present Edinburgh International Science Festival, announce the debut of two high quality pieces of

Potential Difference - celebrating the achievements of female scientists

KJH Fave.jpg

Potential Difference is an exhibition organised by Karen Halliday(see image , a Reader at Edinburgh University , the exhibition aims to examine socio-cultural aspects of science, with a focus on gende

Dr Bunhead's Exploding Easter Egg Show

Witness the world's biggest Easter egg explosion, rainbow foam fountains, the Easter Bunny bazooka and loads more Easter science shenanigans with the world's favourite TV stunt scientist.

Edinburgh Science Festival 2015 - It's An "Ideas Factory"

EISF 2015

The Edinburgh International Science Festival (4-19 April, 2015) wants visitors to see it as "The Ideas Factory" - a hub for information, ideas and innovation.

Indulge Your Inner Child and Get Geeky At EISF Lates

I'll have what she's drinking

With a week to go until it opens, the Edinburgh International Science Festival is reminding people that there's a range of late-night events for adults with a science theme.

Study Shows Soundscapes Create Refreshing Dreams (and Full Moons Bizarre Dreams)

A two-year study into dream control, first launched at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, suggests that it's possible for people to create their perfect dream, and wake up feeling "happy an

Edinburgh Science Festival 2014 Programme Launched

Unwrapping the mummy

From robot football to making round bubbles square, from the science of intoxication at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to a man vs 3D printer contest, this year's Edinburgh Internatio

Chaos and Contingency, NMS, Review

Janis Claxton Dance  Chaos and Contingency

Elegant androgyny is what springs to mind in the latest production, Chaos and Contingency, from Janis Claxton’s award winning Edinburgh based contemporary dance company.

Edinburgh Science Festival: "Sociable" Science For Adults

SciFest Late Lab patterns

The 25th Edinburgh International Science Festival (23 March-7 April) will be opening its doors in the evening with a serie

Dr Bunheads Poo and Goo Show

Dr Bunhead's Poo & Goo Show TV scientist Dr Bunhead (from Brainiac) explores the world of gross, smelly, loud and messy stuff.