City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh International Science Festival

Interview: Simon Gage, Edinburgh Science Festival Director

Simon Gage, director of the EISF

The longtime EISF director explains the art of science communication and why warnings from this year's Edinburgh Medal winner need to be heeded.

Fixing the Planet, with James Hansen

James Hansen - Edinburgh medal recipient 2012

The UN International year of Sustainable Energy for All finds us with various tools with which to confront the climate change crisis.

Our Climate Future with James Hansen

James Hansen - Edinburgh medal recipient 2012

The 2012 Edinburgh Medallist, US physicist Dr James Hansen, is one of the world’s most respected climate scientists.

Edinburgh Medal Address by James Hansen

James Hansen's Edinburgh Medal address, entitled The Case For Young People and Nature, will offer people a chance to hear one of the world's pre-eminent and passionate climate scientists talk about a moral issue of unprecedented scope – climate change.

£1 Off For Science Fest Early Birds

Kids at City Art Centre during EISF

Science. Fun. Two words that the Edinburgh International Science Festival strives to keep in close proximity when building its programme of events which start at the end of this month.

Science On A Plate Festival

Nick Nairn and Tom Kitchin are among chefs and food experts participating in the Science on a Plate festival, part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, this spring.

Edinburgh’s Festivals Get Government Funding Boost

Edinburgh's Festivals have received a funding boost, it was announced on Thursday as an ambitious programm

BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer

In 2001, at the age of 20 New York born Brian Lobel was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Science in the City

This talk is presented by Dr Chris Speed, Reader in Digital Spaces,

Abendland (2011)

A cinematic poem about Europe at night - a portrait of the nocturnal going-ons across the continent from a quiet television studio to a complex surveillance room.