City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh International Science Festival

Pioneering, Activist Geneticist Is Edinburgh Medal Winner

An American geneticist who led the team that first isolated a gene from the chromosome of a living organism, a major breakthrough in the understanding of the processes of life, will be awarded the

EISF Talk: What Makes Us Unique?

This is the last in a series of reports from the Edinburgh International Science Festival. The talk What Makes Us Unique? was held at the Museum of Scotland.

EISF Talk: The Secrets of Healthy Ageing

Any discussion on 'The Secrets of Healthy
Ageing' is almost bound to gather a crowd, and the lecture theatre of the Royal

Governments Fiddle as Climate's Tipping Point Reached Says Edinburgh Medal Winner

Prof Chris Rapley Receives Edinburgh Medal

With climate change not merely the 'hot topic' of the 20th Edinburgh International Science Festival but of everyone and their granny's breakfast table, it was no great surprise Professor Chris Rapley, former Director of the British Antarctic Survey, took Great While It lasted; Now What? as the title and theme of his Edinburgh Medal Address on the subject.

Dr David King Offers Climate Change Solutions in Edinburgh

Plane flying over the Greenland icesheet

Dr David King was until 2007 H. M. Gov's spokesperson on climate change, and is the author of The Hot Topic, the subject of Thursday's Edinburgh International Science Festival event. Would he be a bearer of better, or at least more encouraging news on the international frying and freezing front?

Sci-fest Study Names Good and Bad Names

The results of an Edinburgh Science Festival study into what people think of first names are in. Over 6000 people were asked whether the most popular first names in the UK sounded successful, lucky, and attractive.

Rope-climbing Robot to Unveil Wheels at Edinburgh Science Festival


Skeletron, the large, wiry robot that looks like a character out of the Terminator film franchise and is able to slide up a rope of its own accord, returns to the Edinburgh International Science Fe

The Edinburgh Medal 2008

This year as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the eminent Professor Chris Rapley, Director of the Science Museum, London and former Director of the British Antarctic Survey has

Richard Dawkins and Richard Holloway To Debate at Science Festival

Richard Dawkins

Professor Richard Dawkins will join Richard Holloway in a discussion, on 1 April, on the meaning of life at the 2008 Edinburgh International Science Festival (EISF), it was announced today. The two men, with opposing views on religion, God, and science, met previously at the Edinburgh Science Festival in 2006.

Climate Change is Hot at 20th Edinburgh International Science Festival

The former chief scientific advisor to the British government, a scientist from the British Antarctic Survey, and the head planner of the design company behind a chinese "eco-city" (and the new Forth Bridge) are among guest speakers tackling Climate Change at the 20th Edinburgh International Science Festival.