City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


EIF 2013: Oper Frankfurt Review

Dido & Aeneas - Oper Frankfurt

Purcell’s best known opera was given a radical new twist by Frankfurt Opera, who contracted three acts into one without sacrificing the plot.

In the Locked Room & Ghost Patrol, EIF 2012, Review

In the Locked Room Stylishly conducted by Michael Rafferty and with a dazzling array of orchestral colours, “In the Locked Room” offered us an exciting performance.

The Lady from the Sea Review

Claire Booth as Ellida in The Lady from the Sea

Ibsen’s pioneering, modernist plays of the late 19th century are set in northern Norway, insular small town communities where women felt inhibited by the confines of marriage. 

The Makropolous Case, EIF 2012, Review

It is difficult for the audience to get to grips with the plot of this Janacek opera, which has a number of disparate threads that eventually weave together in a dramatic finale.

Tristan and Isolde, EIF 2012, Review

Standing ovations are infrequent in Edinburgh, even at Festival time, but this tour de force concert performance of a three-act Wagner opera thoroughly merited the prolonged standing ovation that m

Scottish Opera The Seven Deadly Sins Review

EIF 2011: Scottish Opera Seven Deadly

The art deco surrounds of the HMV Picture House, at the bottom of Lothian Road, provided the perfect backdrop for this Fringe production of The Seven Deadly Sins.

Valery Gergiev Made Festival's New Honorary President

Valery Gergiev has been made the new Honorary President of the Edinburgh International Festival, it was announced tonight.

Semiramide Opera Review

Fringe 2011: Semiramide

Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868) wrote thirty six operas, all within nineteen years. Semiramide is not one of the best known, but it is performed from time to time.

The Revenge of Prince Zi Dan Opera Review

The Revenge of Prince Zi Dan

There are expectations of a production from China that include wonderful costumes, graceful acting and plain scenery, and it would be a poor show if they weren’t there.

King Lear Review

King Lear

Chinese traditional opera and King Lear may seem to some a strange juxtaposition, yet this production surprisingly takes us closer to the roots of Shakespearean theatre than might be supposed.